Health Canada Approves
The InnovaLife Clear Mask

12,000 Innovalife Faceshields
Donated to Local School Board

RCMP Contract Granted
to Develop Specialized Masks.

Introducing Innovalife

InnovaLife  is a manufacturer of personal protective equipment (PPE) products in Ontario, Canada. It  was born on the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic to contribute to the effort of alleviating the shortage of PPE the country was facing. In the same vein as it's parent company InnovaTools Inc., InnovaLife proposes  made-in-Canada innovative, simple and effective solutions.

Brand New
Reusable Clear Face Mask
Protect yourself while sharing your smile again
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InnovaLife Receives Health Canada Licensed Manufacturer Designation

InnovaLife has been issued a Class 1 Medical Device Establishment Licence (MDEL) by Health Canada. This designation by Health Canada authorizes InnovaTools Inc to manufacture and distribute Class 1 devices, and certifies that all procedures are in place to protect the public, should a problem with a device be identified.
Furthermore, the InnovaLife Clear Face Mask, which is ASTM Level 3 Fluid Resistance Compliant, has been approved by Health Canada as a Class 1 Medical Device.
All Proudly conceived, designed, developed and manufactured in Ontario, Canada.

Users Feedback

Out and about today and everyone got to see my smiling face! Thank you for the #clearmask  ♥ it!

Jennifer Higgins
Ottawa, ON

Ordered for work—LOVE the design! Durable, anti-fog, ventilation. NO fabric or foam—can be 100%sanitized. Fits well with glasses and goggles. Bonus—made locally and quick shipping! Thank you for creating a product that keeps me safe—which in turn keeps my family, my residents and my colleagues in Long Term Care safe!

Amanda Jiron
Long Term Care - Ottawa, ON

I wear a facial mask all day long. The clear mask that InnovaTools invented is BRILLIANT! My industry is all about esthetics so there's no better feature to show than a SMILE!

Amy Randell
Aesthetician - Ottawa, ON

I just love my face shield and wear it all day every day. I love the full coverage, light weight anti fog and easy to clean. It if the best face shield ever! I am so happy to have found your company and this perfect face shield. I promote your company and this perfect face shield at every opportunity! Thank you for your speedy reply to my request for a new receipt and thank you so much for your amazing technology and face shield!

Cathy Hollub
Leamington, ON

This mask is great. It passes the glasses fog test!! I guess I should trim the straps... I look like a sea monster. Also, my breathing sounds like Darth Vader. Thank you

Liz Parker
Piano Teacher - Toronto, ON

My partner works in a CHSLD and has been using the same one since we ordered them in august 2020. So far it's perfect and nothing negative to report! A much better alternative to the ones that are provided to the staff.

Francis Brassard
Montréal, QC

I just want to drop a note to tell you that everyone who used the shields today loved them. They are very comfortable to wear, visibility is so clear and we love the anti-fog visor, plus the well ventilated design. One person who is an ultrasound technologist said, “finally I can see clearly!

Angela Luong
Toronto, ON

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